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Nights a la bardot – french vibes in my own city

During the last days of summer, I could enjoy a dinner time in Bardot Restaurant, Oh la la! French vibes on my own city Enschede, The Netherlands. Plus tons of inspiration of one of my favorite Parisian icons Brigitte Bardot. This beautiful restaurant have an exceptional vibe from the 60’s and a warm ambient of […]

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A N°5 last longer

If you love Chanel number 5 perfume like me, this article it could be interesting. This world’s first abstract fragrance is a complex blend, introduced by Coco Chanel and created by Ernest Beaux in 1921. Classic and Timeless Chanel number 5 Eau de Parfum, the popular interpretation of the iconic original fragrance and that best […]

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I married in Rouje

Recently I lived that special date, that in my own way is a Chapter 4 in my life ‘my wedding’. I was always the kind of girl with no expectations and no plans; but I can tell you that when your wedding is in your life, you really want to plan some little details, even […]

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