Nights a la bardot – french vibes in my own city

During the last days of summer, I could enjoy a dinner time in Bardot Restaurant, Oh la la! French vibes on my own city Enschede, The Netherlands. Plus tons of inspiration of one of my favorite Parisian icons Brigitte Bardot.

This beautiful restaurant have an exceptional vibe from the 60’s and a warm ambient of Saint Tropez, favorite place of BB, plus a delicious carte.

So in this entry I want to share with you more of my experience, and here my selections for my ‘Summer night a la Bardot’.

The most beautiful day of my life? It was a night

Brigitte Bardot

I can’t wait to enjoy another delicious time in Bardot, but it seems a kind of time from now because Corona rules here in The Netherlands. Anyway I am very happy that even in these hard Corona times I got the chance to see and try new places

Did you have the opportunity to visit and know a new place to recommend? Comment, makes me curious too!

And see you on my next entry!

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