holiday gift guide, the Practical and wanted gift ( even af. Christmas)

Yes this is an entry after Christmas; Why? Because last year finally, I consider did a success search, about the proper Christmas gifts. Those ones that really like and won’t finishing stored somewhere, nowhere; plus don’t break your budget. And, is a special gift that also you can consider for spoil yourself in this new year!

Love, Celebrate, Give

First than anything (me, going to the store and find nothing and back home the same), I did a quick look to some Instagram accounts shops and I found myself falling for two of my already favorites stores here in The Netherlands; and all the products included in this post are from one of them in specific.

In this entry I’m sharing with you four practical and lovely products from

Timeless Decoration

Illuminate any corner of your house with the classic glow of a candle and lanterns, this light at home is something precious in any season while home decor and fragrance make a luxurious addition. To me, a Lantern is like the special place, to storage your precious fragrance candles and keep them long lasting.

Decor no decor

Do you love plants at home, but always forgetting the water of some of them? Plants at home is a way to add the fresh live environment decoration; Watering globes works pretty well for small medium size plants that doesn’t require too much water at once. And I found this bird shape the most useful and cute of the gifts.

Holding jewelry in style

In the bathroom or living room this stand iron marble holder up your space keeping your jewelry safe and organized ready for the next time you wear it, while add a personal home decor with a luxurious touch. Trinket plates and beautiful jewelry boxes are a perfect gift too, but I found stand jewelry holders more practical and ideal most of the time when you jump to the bath and drop your special necklaces easily and fast.

Favorite drink to go

A mug is always a gift option but a travel mug makes the option more nicer, this stoneware travel mug take your coffee wherever your go; outside, inside it doesn’t matter the activity you wanna make bring your favorite drink with you anytime and without fear to spills.

I hope you find my entry useful, yes is after Christmas, but life is better with some details around that makes you feel comfort and happy, and not only in Christmas. Let me know in comments if you found a special gift for the season that you consider can be part of this Holiday Gift guide; or even if you think like me about those little details that can make you happy everyday.

~I hope you had a happy Holidays and tons of love for you in this new 2022! See you on my next entry!

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