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Have an effortless chic look always in anytime and ‘with no time’, is something that I love. In this new and fresh entry and return to my blog, I want to share some styling tips I personally use, and that I find helpful to always look put together in a not time

Quality basics. Invest in good quality basics it will mean that every outfit that you put together it will be effortless in someway or another. When I think about basics I think about elements from a ‘capsule wardrobe concept’ pieces to create easy outfits and to create a seamless wardrobe that is really interchangeable. Good quality staples that are classic and timeless will make it so much easier to get dressed when you are in a hurry.

One thing that I recently adopted are outfit formulas I help myself by an app to help me planning my ‘what to wear’ so even if I’m in a hurry, I can put together outfits that I know will look good together, this comes to understand the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe and how they work together so you can create lots of timeless looks.

3 color rule. The old rule that surely you knew already, I love it because it means that you can create a simple and understated outfit without it being too complicated, introducing too many colors, specially if you are in a hurry it can create quite confusing look. On my personal style and when I have to head out quickly I opt for a full monochromatic outfit which always look stylish and chic, based in the 3 color rule easily I pair pieces with 3 different tones of the same color to create my outfit. I love to do tonal looks when I’m in a hurry because it just really makes an effortless and elegant look

Finishing touches makes a look complete, and project your style, so whether incorporating sunglasses or jewelry or a belt it can really tie your whole look together. Jewelry for me makes a whole outfit transform and it really completes it, I consider that statement pieces give a flamboyant touch to an outfit as trendy jewelry can add an avant garde look. Personally I love classic gold jewelry pieces that I have around home in stylish trinkets that I can just grab them and go, my tip is that some golden accents will just add a really nice elegant touch in an outfit and if you are rushing out of the house.

Belts & Bags. Belts for me really tie a whole look together specially if wear a simple understated outfit. a belt as jewelry it can really transform a super simple outfit like a whole black look. About bags if you want to create a really sophisticated look you can opt for something quite structured, based in my style I prefer handle or crossbody bags in a medium size on neutral colors as black and beige. same goes for shoes opting for shoes that maybe have a more structured toe feel a bit more polished and refined and complete the whole outfit. I think shoes can make a break a look and can take it from really casual to really smart and sophisticated.

Hair. One time per week is a must styling my head and if I have 5 minutes morning what I will do is throw it up into a bun. I find that a sleek bun makes an outfit refined or sophisticated and it’s quick and effortless to do, the same goes a sleep pony it feels that you give a little extra time in the morning to get ready even if you are rushing.

Structured pieces. The great hack to create an effortless and sophisticated look even if you have no time in the morning. I find tailoring pieces can create structured and more refined outfits and I love a structured coat over any outfit even if is super casual like with a pair of jeans because it makes the outfit more elegant, statement coats can really pull your whole outfit together so even if you are wearing something really simple with staples.

Considering fabrics. Wrinkle free fabrics are easy to wear and they don’t require steaming or ironing things like denim that are a bit more weighty and don’t crease, as often that you can throw on with any outfit and you are good to go, and they are also really easy to style, introducing some knits nice structured buttoned or not, also is an easy way to feel a lot more elegant and timeless, having wrinkle free clothes is definitely the best hack to create a really polished look so that is something that I would consider in a morning rush

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