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Dimanche Atelier, story

Dimanche Atelier, from French, ‘Di – manch’ /di.mɑ̃ʃ/ (Sunday in English)


Inspired by personal Sunday’s creative activities, Dimanche Atelier was created thinking about my own handcrafted pieces of jewelry and how special they turned in the time. Signature items that fit on your own style and pieces that go for long, is the essence that Dimanche wants to project in every piece.

As a jewelry lover, I am always in the search of significant pieces that I can mix and match with my wardrobe and wear day by day in any moment or activity, in bed, in shower or in a special occasions, and this was another main reason to create my own subscription jewelry experience, where you too can enjoy fine jewelry pieces in your special occasions as in the comfort of your house without an excessive price tag

Based in The Netherlands, and focusing my designs in European lifestyles, and sustainable slow living; adding a touch of my personal artwork and details, that makes the brand concept in a Victorian minimalist experience; the result is a conscious fine jewelry affordable to the every day woman like me.

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  • Sunday, my best day to create’

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