Dimanche Atelier

Very happy, I want to introduce you ‘Dimanche Atelier’ and my collaboration as jewelry designer. Now here on my blog, I have created this space ‘Dimanche Atelier’ to offer you beautiful, handmade and carefully curated jewelry pieces at an accessible price.

Dimanche Atelier, Handcrafted Jewelry

As a jewelry lover, I’m always in the search of signature items that fit on my style and that also, go for long time with me. And this is the essence, that I want to project on my designs, unique and minimalist jewelry pieces with a timeless aesthetic. Pieces that easily complement your style and made to be worn anytime, not worried about. My designs are focused in European lifestyles and sustainable slow living, always loyal to my own style.

Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted on gold plated stainless steel, allowing it to withstand daily wear, and reduce waste, you can wear these pieces all year round, for many years to come. And to keep it simple all of the jewelry is coming to my home to yours, with this you support our small business and helping us grow.

I hope enjoy my designs and you have the best experience possible when make your online jewelry purchase.

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