I married in Rouje

Recently I lived that special date, that in my own way is a Chapter 4 in my life ‘my wedding’. I was always the kind of girl with no expectations and no plans; but I can tell you that when your wedding is in your life, you really want to plan some little details, even a little lady bird like me.

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.


La Robe

And maybe the main point in any wedding the ‘dress’. First at all I wanted something practical, inspirational, timeless and that I love, and no less important a dress that I can wear again and again and give me that special feeling anytime. So I decide to married in Rouje. I fall in love with the timeless Gabin dress in the romantic print of Rosita Ecru. This timeless wrap dress design, set me in the mood as the imaginary French girl with a unique effortless style and that it was the exact that I wanted on my special date, ‘my wedding’

Le maquillage

Rouje of course! Precisely ‘Au Naturel’ L’eyeliner. Le mascara and my Lip palette cream -Madame, were the essentials. I created a soft look and the final classic touch, –red lips, intense but soft with Chanel Rouge Coco ultra hydrating lipstick on Gabrielle 444, en voilà!

Impressions and extras

My wedding was a very effortless chic special moment that I can recreate any weekend again, simple, practical, timeless and very me, on my own French mood and in a kind of vintage vibe shared with my significant one. Parfait! And to me I think that was the most important, continue being myself in a very important and special moment in my life and also in the life of my significant one; and overall enjoy the day!

Both of us were cycling to the mayor hall in the city, my dress was giving a very sexy view of my legs meanwhile I cycled on my way, and with my beautiful bouquet in hand with similar tones of roses like the print of my dress, I was the traditional but not the usual one bride. The unique James Bond theme was our glam entry, and as a good spy story, in the moment that include the diamond; we enjoyed more of the vintage vibe with Dream a little dream of me in a jazzy version of 1959 interpreted by Connie Russel, and after the big yes, Volare from 1958 interpreted by Dean Martin was the golden begin of this new married life.

About traditions

I think I include some, but not all, not superstitions and not stress here; but with an astrological view I wanted a very special date.

But ok, my shoes where my old Manolos, my dress was new, nothing borrowed but gifted (my makeup set, eyes and lips from Rouje) and even when all around was a ‘rouge’ vibe, my bicycle is blue.

I hope you enjoyed this entry, and if you feel inspired with this minimalist style with French vibes wedding day, even better. I think the most important in your own wedding day is to make it in your own style, in your own feeling and be in love with.

See you on my next entry!

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