Nederland romance /jewelry collection – Dimanche atelier

Nederland, so artistic heritage full of ‘romance’… Yes! But not that common romance. Nederland takes you in the most freely way expression of love but with the sentimental feeling of many antique lovers, like the big Rembrandt ‘s love or Vincent’s passions for nostalgic landscapes

Based in this unique and artistic ‘Romance’ and other stories around, this new collection of Dimanche Atelier, is an ode to some of the famous master pieces painted by Nederlands artists.

And other stories…

The uncountable holding hands while biking around any city, the lazy afternoon letting the time pass, in a romantic atmosphere of a coffee corner in Jordan, or see the sunset next to your significant other from a boat in one of the canals in Amsterdam, the long walks in the romantic Den Haag, or in the tulips fields during spring in the south Holland, is something really significant romantic inspiration.

These experiences full of romance are also my inspiration for this special jewelry collection, I hope you enjoy and continue living this Dimanche romance.

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