The color palette

What is your favorite color? An important part to discover your style is to know your wardrobe color palette; so lets talk about how to build it!

Color palette: Surely you want, that suit with your complexion and your personal style, and that go well

But what color flatter your complexion? First at all you need to know your undertone, cool or warm, and because for example you like a warm yellow but your complexion is cool, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear yellow, it just means that you have to find the right shade for you. And what about your style? The colors that will suit on your personal style and personality will most likely be your favorites, Now write a list with your favorites colors, try a list of 7 or 6 colors it doesn’t matter the order and then write a list of 4 descriptive words about what you consider your personal style, for example: feminine, girly, modern, relaxed, classic, elegant, romantic, boho, minimal, bold, casual, chic, etc.

The selection of the 4 words/categories it will be the start point to create your wardrobe color palette; for example if you choose classic or elegant you naturally be drawn to black or beige.

How to create your own color Palette

Now that you have collected some colors and words, it’s time to create the color palette, the color palette is divided on Main, Base and Accent colors.

  • Main colors: 3 Colors that will represent the essence of your style concept
  • Base, Neutrals: 2 Colors to support and balance out the other shades
  • Accent shades: 4 Colors to add variety

Here the example of my wardrobe color palette, usually you will always see me wearing this colors, My main are Red, Taupe and Cotton White, my Base Neutrals are Black and Beige and my accent colors pink pastel, light grey, wasted denim blue and navy blue [My accent colors could have an extension or may vary depending different seasons]

Now that you have an idea about your own color palette, 2 very important points:

It’s wearable; for each color in your palette ask yourself, Do I really want to wear this shade and how much? Take in mind,

  • Main colors: You can see yourself wearing a lot this color, and also it would work very well on your key items, jackets, shoes, trousers, coats, etc
  • Base neutrals: Those that suits perfect with your basics, simple tops, cardigans, knits, basic t shirts, etc
  • Accent colors: They work with your accessories bags, shoes or single items, blouses, tops, skirts, trouser or shorts that pair with your key and basic pieces

The colors match well together; if your color palette, makes you instantly and super easy to think of lots of different outfits or color pairings you could wear you are in the right way, but remember,

  • Main colors: Each main works well with each Base neutrals, and at least two accent colors
  • Base neutrals: Each of your neutrals should go with every other shade of your palette
  • Accents colors: Each accent should work with each neutral and at least two of your main colors, It’s a bonus if they go with each other as well

Use your color palette as a guide to create better outfits and make sure any new item fit with your style and will work well with the rest of your wardrobe, remember also that color palette are not a restriction of colors but helps you to build a wardrobe that you will be happy to wear anytime and that represent your unique personal style.

I hope you find this article helps you, it’s more a topic for practice, and I hope you try it! Feel free to leave your comment if you do it or add your own opinion, it’s always great to learn, and I am happy reading your experiences too!

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