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Since some years ago, I start to live in The Netherlands; to me, that was meaning a complete new life. And also a complete new wardrobe, coming from a tropical country, where you live in a eternal summer beach, I found myself with shorts, t-shirts and some jeans on winter time, definitely something was wrong here; so I start to full my new closet with a lot of warm pieces, but still I was not complete happy about it; When I have to go out for any of the reasons, I was always finding myself in front of my the new overflowing closet saying the famous phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’

No the color, not the best layering, the wrong shape, the wrong material, not the best match, and finally when spring arrive, too warm for, the problem wasn’t not anymore the cold, the challenge now was keep fresh but also in the right temperature and be prepared for anything, also, the most important, look good and feel happy about it; for moments I was feeling so lost, but why I wasn’t happy or comfort? After a complete year dealing with more changes: very decided and in a effort to make sense to the madness, I start to investigate about how to dress on every season and about outfits ideas and so on; each article and post I read, left me with a lot of routes with a not specific destiny; and with the most big question What it was my style?

It’s possible to look great and feel my best without having an overflowing closet? Could I be stylish on my own style and have enough to wear with only a few pieces?

From there I discovered color palettes, capsules wardrobes, vintage clothing and many other minimalist closet concepts, that I started to set it, slowly I build the best wardrobe to me, on my own style. I know what I love and what I don’t, and now I am here sharing with you what I’ve learned, so you can discover your personal style too.

Enjoy my blog and this passion for a minimalist stylish closet. You can also see updates, inspiration and outfit post on my Instagram, and sometimes my YouTube channel

“Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” —Alexander Wang

So, yes girl! I hope this blog is useful for you, but well, if there is you guy, and find it interesting, you are very welcome too!!!

I hope you all enjoy my blog!


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