Jewelry Rules

Let’s talk about important things, ‘Jewelry’ those loved little treasures. Personally I am very selective about them and there are some important tips or rules that I take in mind when I fall in love with a new sparkle.

On my own jewelry rules

  1. Personally unique, I believe that jewelry speak loud about who you are; I am always searching for pieces with designs that I feel identify,
  2. Easy to wear, I love minimalist style, so I really want a jewelry piece that I can wear everyday, all the day. I enjoy statements rings or necklaces as long as they don’t get stuck on my clothes
  3. The material, I prefer a piece that I’ll love for years; and often I am choosing between gold plated stainless steel or gold filled pieces
  4. The extra, my extra are pearls, I love fresh water pearls in jewelry pieces a lot, they could be in a baroque or finish shape, tiny or big one, and I’ll love the same.
  5. Timeless, the essential that never look dated or go out of trend, most of the time a minimalist design and basic jewelry piece

So, there were my tips/rules when I have in mind add new jewelry piece to my collection. Do you have some others rules/tips? Comment and share! I will be very happy to read you.

Till the next entry!

Abby O

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