Mental Block

And suddenly you can’t decide how to continue, even when you have everything to do it, the tools and the alternatives; but you feel frozen and it’s impossible to move on. But why?

A mental block is visiting me, I don’t know you, but when I have it I start to procrastinate even my favorites tasks, and it’s turning frustrating.

Most of the time I try to develop projects and activities that makes me really happy and that I like to do it, but I am always having great expectations about it, demanding to myself more task to perform than the planned, improve my performance, giving a constant qualification and creating more and new ideas around the central. It’s like I planned something. and I love it too much, that start to have more and more branches; the complements ideas turned in new centrals; but where is the limit to stop and when the principal idea it will be concrete and done? there is when the mental block knock the door. So I can say in my case the mental block appear when I have this elevate demanding level.

And is not that you can’t do something or all that you want, is about program your time and activities in a very efficient way and try to don’t lose the principal point, but here some tips that helps me sometimes,

  • Relax during some minutes or change complete of the activity that you are doing at that moment when you get the mental block, for example you can take a walk, workout, listen music or bake something simple.
  • Established limit times between breaks and activities realizations, but don’t get stress if the time comes and you are still in the mental block, maybe you need something else or a motivation factor, try to imagine.
  • Stimulate your creativity with art, crafts or music activities , that times that makes disappear all around and your brain seems focused only in the mechanic activity
  • Learn how to control your emotions, keep on hand a mini note book where you can write them and set them rest
  • Don’t be so hard with yourself, everybody has different skills and talents and not everybody discover them at the same time, also they can’t be developed in the time that you want, it will depend also about your environment, but the time it’ll come, for sure!

Do you have any other advice to deal against the mental block? Feel free to share it in a comment, I will be very happy to read it; or if only you want to write your mental block also you can do it! Over all the things and from my own experience I hope this post helps you when you feel those frustrating locks.

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